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atari_music_vision Information about the Atari Music Vision, also known as C240

Articles about videosynthesis Articles about Videosynthesis.

Various Links: Patrik Eriksson Dan Slater, very good En treasurechamber. No real schematics or deeper tech info though Bill Etra Dave Jones (colorizer) Steve Rutt Art and Science Laboratory, New Mexico Ture Sjölander, a pioneer in electronic art, and he's even from the town where I live vector voltage -> raster video
http://davidsonsfiles.orgThe Early Video Project Oscilloscope on a tevemonitor Videoswitcher w. wipe! Many schematics

Analouge computers:

Links to informations on tevesets, CRT monitors etc.:


New or unsorted stuff
Colorspace conversion


US Patents Office

Patents about video, specialeffects and the likes:
Monochrome_To_Colorsignals, Moskovitz 1967-70
Special image effect producing apparatus, Miyake, et al. 1977
Device for displaying analog signals on a raster scanning display, Baldwin 1975
Video Color Synthesizer, Eric Siegel 1970
Color Video Abstract Synthesizer, Eric Siegel 1971
Television Special Effects Controll Pulse-Generating Apparatus, Thorpe 1971
Digital Special Effects Generator, Busch 1973
Video special effects generator, Busch 1975
Visual display of complex Color television Sound Wave Signals, Hearn 1969/1971

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